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Raiza project revolves around porn industries and sex markets to help both buyer and seller.

ICO events

Bounty hunting ends in

Decentralized marketplace

All services provided by Raiza will use Zeronet technology. Users serve the sites. There is no downtime or censorship.

Mobile nodes

All sites can be accessed via mobile. Nodes can be hosted in mobile too. Updates are pushed regularly. Check our prototype source code on Git


Admin dashboard for buyers and sellers will have 50+ features. You just have to touch it and in no time you will see that in action.

Marketplace contents

Tube hosting, buying/sellig adult products, sex toys, readymade porn videos, buyer/seller bargain modes and etc.,

Token distribution






ICO phase-1


ICO phase-2


How to participate in ICO ?

ICO is hosted on Waves platform.
Click the waves logo on left to launch.
Raiza Identifier : 3PS7a1LPMYaoFqbJWHyyHJNKkUHRfw5JcTMkChSdYvJC

BTC Holders

Pre-ICO    : 2500 Raiza  = 1 BTC
Phase-1    : 2250 Raiza  = 1 BTC
Phase-2   : 2000 Raiza  = 1 BTC

Minimum BTC contribution for  Raiza : 0.01 BTC

Ethereum Holders

Pre-ICO     : 250 Raiza = 1 ETH
Phase-1     : 225 Raiza = 1 ETH
Phase-2    : 200 Raiza = 1 ETH

Minimum ETH contribution for Raiza : 0.1 ETH

For Non-waves users

If you feel to participate in ICO without using Waves platform, then it is for you.
                   ( Note : Do not send it before the ICO starts ) 

BTC Holders

Directly send BTC from your wallet where you control your private keys. ( Do not use exchanges)
Address:      18tJAUiHabz3ai15EEMb16tcCK71ZZ334d

ETH holders

Directly send ETH from your wallet where you control your private keys. (Ex: Myetherwallet)
Address:      0xa79a161Fa02868964756df675859FA5Aa60fD9ea 


Process Line

September 2016

Project idea came out from brainers. A small team is formed to create Raiza club.

December 2016

Project aim, required technology and implementations were started by Team Raiza.

March 2017

Multiple prototype designs were analysed. System and project review process started.

June 2017

.A Working prototype of frontend and backend systems were created. Non-analaysed codes were uploaded in github.

October 2017

Website launch and Github repo updates were done.
Core functionalities working perfectly.

Till December 2017

ICO creation.
ICO launch.
Content testing.

January 2018

Repo Management.
 Bounty Program.
Alpha phase-1.

Raiza zeronet Launches Q-2018

Public testing at first launch.
User acquisition.
Implementing payment gateway for centralized adult websites.
Maintaining and regular updates.
Moving to Main-net and Planned features Update

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Get in touch with us and know about Raiza.

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